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Plasterboard False Ceilings & Walls

Plasterboard False Ceilings

The plasterboard false ceilings, while providing excellent finishing of spaces, also offer the possibility of creating architectural vaults reducing overly high ceilings, allowing for the insertion of various technical installations. The thermal and acoustic insulation, together with the REI compartmentation, are other key features of the product.

Plasterboard False Walls

The plasterboard false walls are ideal for solving problems of heat and sound insulation and REI partitioning, as well as to restore irregular or deteriorated walls. Applications can be made with the structure or directly to the wall. Furthermore, the product is ready to be painted, papered, or to receive coatings of each type.

Plasterboard partition walls

The plasterboard partition walls are perfect for interior design, both for renovations and for new construction. They also allow to subdivide spaces with special characteristics, fire protection, acoustic and thermal insulation. Once installed, the products are ready to be painted.