CTI. Isolare

False Ceiling systems

False ceilings in Mineral fiber

These types of false ceilings, have been designed to give excellent sound absorption as well as ensuring full access to the plenum. They don't contain toxic materials or pathogens and they are available in various decorative finishes with special vinyl colours. They provide excellent acoustic performance, reaction and fire resistance.

False Ceilings in lightweighted plasterboard

False ceilings that promote ecological characteristics thanks to the gypsum and the dimensional stability of the glass fiber. The two components also allow an exceptional fire behavior in terms of reaction and resistance. Achievements and finishes reflect the best possible parameters of the false ceilings in mineral fiber.

Metallic false ceilings

Metallic false ceilings and coatings, are designed to resolve various design issues of current architectural and construction needs. A wide range of models, finishes and colours choices.

It is also possible produce other types of false ceilings with different materials as:
- mineral wool panels
- inspectable plasterboard panels
- wooden panels